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Tabrin - Sex Trekkers Vol.1 Abducted Desires pt5

“Sorry to interrupt you in your orgy. Though it seems that we were able to fix the transit mainframe sooner than expected but I also have some bad news. Our life support is increasingly draining. I honestly am not sure how much time we have. We are going to have to move quickly. If we wait any longer, I’m afraid it will be too late to evacuate everyone safely.” Said General Ferrall as they rushed down the corridor and into the transporter room.

“I am confident that everything will work out Genereal.” Tabrin and General Ferrall stepped onto the platform. “Transport us directly to the Queens room.” Said Tabrin.

“Tabrin? This is a surprise. Who is your sexy looking friend…with the two cocks?” Asked Queen Varma.

“This is General Ferrall. He has an urgent matter to discuss with you about the recent issues you’ve been experiencing. It’s imperative that you hear him out.” Tabrin said. General Ferrall stepped forward.

Tabrin - Sex Trekkers Vol.1 Abducted Desires pt5

“First, I want to deeply apologize for the events that have been taking place. Our Star Ship has encountered a major system wide malfunction and is beginning to break down above your planet as we speak. We have been on a mission for years looking for a compatible species for our high level of sexual requirements. A few months ago we passed through some sort of an anomaly which disrupted our systems. We think it had something to do with its unique magnetic shield which was sending out slight E.M.P. bursts. Our ships system began to show signs of complications soon after. The ship, out of our control, came to a complete stop just above your planet. The cloaking device was still in operation. We were unable to shut it down and despite our efforts we are still unable to, for that matter. All communications to the outside world also were suspended. Now our life support has reached a critical level.” General Ferrall informed the Queen.

“So your ship has been transporting my citizens to your ship all on its own?” Asked the Queen.

“Yes. As I said, ship is out of our control. We have just recently gained control of the transit system and have begun transporting your citizens back down to your planet.” General Ferrall approached the Queen and with a sincere look in his eye he said, “Queen Vara I must ask that you grant sanctuary to all those aboard my ship. Right now, time is of the essence. One way or another we will be forced to leave our ship. My ultimate goal is that we are able to co-exist on a your planet. My species have extremely high sex drives and are masters of sex. We would be able to satisfy on all levels and more. ”

“All of the women who came back were driven into a crazy state. Lusting for sex and begging for cock. You and your men must indeed be masters for you certainly had quite an effect on my women. Such desires are uncommon for our race. We do not have many men on our planet.” The Queen smiled and then looked the General up and down. “You all could help us in many ways. An excitement has spread amongst us. We all want to experience those feelings of satisfaction.” Said Queen Vara.

“We would be more than happy to service all of your desires my Queen.” General Ferrall assured her.

“Very well.” The Queen responded with no hesitation. “You can give the order for your men to transport down immediately.” Said Queen Vara.

General Ferrall gestured to his men to follow through with the evacuation plan. He bowed to the Queen.

Tabrin - Sex Trekkers Vol.1 Abducted Desires pt5

“I feel that this will be a good thing for both our peoples. But before you go.” Queen Vara stood and walked up to the General. “I would like to have a taste of those cocks that are dangling down in between those muscular thighs of yours.” She gestured over to Tabrin. “Tabrin if you wouldn’t mind. Let’s say we celebrate this diplomatic achievement. I would love to have those big cocks double penetrating me. And you Tabrin, I have been wanting to get a taste since I first laid eyes on you.” The Queen suggested.

“I do not mind and I too would like to taste you as well as those cocks.” Tabrin said as she walked over to the Queen and General who were already feeling on each others bodies and both staring longingly at her.

Tabrin - Sex Trekkers Vol.1 Abducted Desires pt5

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